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$4M grant letter writing program for lawyers who want to write letters to their clients

Writers who want more than just a copy of their client’s letter are eligible to apply for the $4 million “Grant Writing Certification Program,” which offers training for lawyers to write their own letters to clients, according to a notice posted on the Legal Service Center’s website.

The grant is administered by the Legal Services Corporation of the District of Columbia.

The letter writing certificate program is available to attorneys who work in the District, Maryland, and Virginia.

The program is not available to lawyers who work outside the District and the states of Virginia and Maryland.

“The Grant Writing Certification program provides training for law firms and attorneys in writing their own letter writing letters to client,” the notice reads.

“It is not a grant, but is a competitive opportunity to get certified.” 

“The Law Center is committed to supporting attorneys who want their writing to be as effective as possible,” the legal center’s executive director, Mary Ann Wilson, said in a statement.

“As we move toward a post-recession world where fewer people have access to legal services, we want to make sure that those who need legal assistance have the support they need to get through the process of preparing and submitting their letter to their client.” 

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