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Which of these three languages are the most commonly written?

Written in English and French, the three most commonly used languages by American adults are English, French, and German.

The last two, German and English, are not spoken in the U.S. and have become increasingly popular in recent years.

The study found that German is the most popular language spoken at home.

According to a 2015 survey of 2,500 Americans by the Pew Research Center, only about 10% of adults use German.

German, French and English are not just the lingua franca of a particular region, but of the world, said researcher David L. Cohen.

“It’s not just a foreign language,” Cohen said.

“I’m not saying that German and French are not used in America.

It can be a very, very valuable language to learn, because it is a language that is both very, quite accessible and very, fairly universal.” “

But it’s not a lingua-franca.

It can be a very, very valuable language to learn, because it is a language that is both very, quite accessible and very, fairly universal.”

Cohen says that the three languages have very similar grammar, structure and vocabulary.

The German and the English have very different rules for expressing ideas, and many of the verbs in German and German are verbs that come from English.

However, the German and American rules for nouns and adjectives are similar, and the German word for “beautiful” is “Bastien,” the English word for something is “beautifully.”

There are no rules for adjectives in English.

In contrast, English nouns have more rules for combining adjectives, and there are rules for using certain pronouns in English to make them stand out from the rest of the nouns in English, Cohen said, adding that this allows the listener to easily distinguish the noun and its gender.

German nouns, on the other hand, have very few rules for the construction of pronouns.

For example, a German noun that is masculine in English would be a noun that does not begin with a consonant, but it would still be masculine.

“So, it would be an un-pronoun-able masculine noun,” Cohen explained.

In addition to being used as a language, English also is a writing system, said Lora Tischler, an associate professor of English at the University of California, Los Angeles.

“There are many different types of writing systems, which is one of the reasons why the word for writing system is English,” she said.

Tischberg says that in the past, many of her students had a hard time using English because of its lack of rules for writing.

“If you can’t use rules, then you can get into trouble,” she explained.

The Pew Research Study also found that about 20% of American adults use French, a language about the size of English, and that about a third of those adults use English as their primary language.

A third of English speakers in the United States also use French as their second language, with roughly a quarter of all English speakers saying they also use the language as their first language.

About half of all Americans use French for communication, and about a quarter use it as their main language.

According the Pew study, about one-third of Americans use Spanish, while about half of those who use Spanish use it primarily as a second language.

Tichler said that as the language of everyday life, English has been “a very useful tool in a lot of ways.”

“The language of language is not just for writing, but for conversation, business, communication, socializing, business meetings, business correspondence,” she added.

“When you can communicate in English you can also communicate in Spanish, and vice versa.”

Tischling said that while there are some differences between English and German and Spanish, the differences in the three are not so great that it’s impossible to write a language in all three.

“The important thing is to learn a language to be able to communicate in all the ways that you need to communicate,” Tischlin said.

How to make a new fantasy story using script writing tool

Scripting software like Adobe Flash is becoming a common tool in the creation of fantasy stories, as writers increasingly rely on the software to create their scripts.

A new study by authors and researchers at the University of Queensland, the University at Albany, and the University College London has found that scripts written with this tool have a higher probability of being a hit.

“Script writing software can be a powerful tool in creative storytelling, especially for those who have never written before,” said Dr James Gelles.

“We have seen a growing number of writers who are looking for a creative outlet to get their work out there.”

A lot of writers use these tools for writing short stories and novels, and to create scripts for their books.

“However, many of these authors also use them to write stories and stories have a life of their own and they are not only a great tool for producing short stories, but for creating stories that are long and complex and rich with emotion and imagination.”

The researchers say the software can also be used to write more complex stories.

“When you start using script software, you can write stories that go beyond the usual genre rules, like ‘good guy saves girl from being killed by bad guy’ or ‘a bad guy kidnaps a princess and puts her on a train to safety’.”

Dr Gellis said the technology could be useful in writing a novel.

“In a world of mass media, where readers are constantly bombarded with information about every moment, scripts can be an effective way of creating stories.

They can also help writers to convey information to readers and give them the context for the story.”

The study was published in the journal PLOS ONE.