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Why your wife’s job is better than yours

When a wife writes a will or a song, she’s writing for herself, according to research by The New York Times.

And she’s also writing in a way that’s better than your job, according a research article in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

A survey of more than 1,500 couples found that, for men and women, writing a Will was better than writing a song or a blog post.

But writing a poem is better for women, the article notes.

A blog post?

Not so much.

“In general, women write more than men, but there are exceptions to this,” wrote co-author Rebecca D. Shaffer in the article.

The survey was conducted in January, and the findings are based on a sample of more 25,000 couples.

“This is the first study that provides clear, objective evidence that women write better than men,” Shaffer said in a statement.

“I have a daughter and we both love writing songs, but we also know that women don’t write enough to be great songwriters.”

What the study finds In the survey, women wrote more than twice as often as men.

In general, they wrote more songs, wrote more poetry, and wrote more in general.

But for men, writing more was a more efficient way to earn a living.

Men also wrote a lot more music, more than women.

Writing poems, however, was not better for men than for women.

Women wrote fewer poems than men.

But women who wrote a song tended to be better writers, Shaffer wrote.

A song, on average, can be five to ten pages long, while a poem can be just a few words.

The study also found that writing a formal will or song is better in the long run than writing in the short run.

For instance, if a man wrote a will with a specific date and time, the document was more likely to be successful in his career and that he would be able to collect money to help his family financially in the future.

Writing a poem, on the other hand, was less likely to produce success in the longer run.

Writing more songs and poems will also help a man avoid losing the money he’s making, Shafer said.

“He has the financial incentive to write songs and get the money,” she said.

Women writing songs have a harder time finding work in the first place, according the study.

“They’re not likely to find a job that requires singing and writing and singing,” Shafer told Business Insider.

But, she added, “they also have a lot of other ways to make money, and writing is one of those.”

And for women who write a song and make money with it, writing in that way is “a good thing.”

“Women do tend to have more trouble finding jobs that require singing and singing.

And it’s not that women can’t sing and write, it’s just that they tend to get less of that kind of work,” Shaser said.

The findings suggest that a songwriter’s career is a lot better than a song writer’s job.

But a lot depends on how you write.

Women also tend to write fewer poems.

This could be due to the fact that writing poems is a harder skill than writing songs.

But the study found that women who are successful with writing songs and writing poems also write more poetry.

“Women write poems because they like writing poetry, but men also write poetry because they have a love for it,” Shasers said.

This study also showed that writing lyrics, even in a formal and detailed way, is a very important skill for women in terms of making money and getting hired.

“It’s important to be clear about the nature of your songs, what they mean, and what your lyrics are about,” Shase said.

But even though writing poetry can be a good way to make a living, Shaser also noted that, if you’re a woman who writes poetry, “you’ll be much less likely than men to find work.”

Women who write songs are also more likely than women who sing to get a higher salary.

The data is also interesting because, while women tend to earn more than their male counterparts, they also tend not to be as successful as men in the workplace.

“When you look at the gender pay gap, women tend not have as big a gap,” Shases said.