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Which Indian children write their own Hindi?

Hindi writing and spelling skills are not the only things that matter to parents, but they are certainly the most important things.

A survey conducted by IndiaSpend found that as many as a third of parents are satisfied with their children’s English skills, with only 11 percent of parents reporting a lack of confidence in their childrens English language.

Many parents worry that their children are struggling with the Hindi language and are not being taught proper spelling or grammar.

Hindi language is often considered a second language.

But while many Indians speak the language fluently, it is often the children of immigrants who take the initiative to improve their writing and grammar skills.

The survey of 1,000 parents of young children found that most parents were satisfied with the skills of their children.

They are confident in their English language skills, but the survey also found that parents were more satisfied with how their children were writing in their native language.

One in five parents said that they were satisfied in the ability of their child to speak their native tongue fluently.

While parents were pleased with the ability and confidence of their young childrens’ writing, they also were concerned about the lack of fluency in their own language.

The survey also asked parents whether they were confident in the childrens ability to read and write in their mother tongue.

Only two percent of the parents said they were 100 percent confident in reading and writing in Hindi.

Parents were also concerned about their children learning proper spelling and grammar.

Nearly one in five (19 percent) said that their child could not read or write in Hindi, while a third (33 percent) of parents said their child was struggling with spelling.

A third (34 percent) parents said the children were learning proper grammar.