Why do we write about letters?

Jul 29, 2021 points

Letters are the ultimate medium.

They are the source of the best writing.

Writing is a process.

It is an exercise of thinking.

Writing can make us feel good about ourselves and our writing.

But writing isn’t about us.

It’s about what we think about it.

What we think is our own writing, which can be deeply personal and difficult to share with others.

I’ve been working with writers and editors on how to share their work with the world.

But letters, as we know, are not about us – they’re about our characters.

When you see a letter you are thinking about your character, not the author or her work.

It becomes personal and important to share your work with others, whether it’s through an essay, a short story or a blog post.

Letters are also about us, so you have to write them.

That means writing a letter to someone you love or to a loved one that you think deserves your time and your attention.

I love letters, and I don’t know why I didn’t write more.

It took me a while to realise that the letters I was writing to my mother and brother were also written to me.

My letters were my letters.

My writing was my writing.

When I started to write more I realised that my writing wasn’t about me.

It was about them.

So I began to write to all the people I loved, from my friends to my family, from colleagues to people I didn.

I started a blog, called Letters From My Heart, where I talk about my letters to my friends and to other people, in both written and spoken form.

Letters from my heart can be found here.

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