How to write the perfect letter to your boss: The 10 best ways to get a reply

Jul 23, 2021 Works

By JOSH FOGGIERS, Associated Press WriterWASHINGTON (AP) — How to send a perfect letter?

There are no shortcuts.

The best way to get your boss’ attention is to write a letter.

There are other ways, too.

If you’re thinking about sending an email or a text message to a boss, here are 10 tips to make the job of writing the perfect reply even easier.


Have a clear, concise idea for the content of your letter.

In a letter, the main focus is on the message, not the content.

Write the main message with a clear heading and a title that makes clear who is the subject of your email.

Your title should reflect your intent to get the boss’ thoughts and opinions.


Keep it short.

When writing an email, don’t make a big deal of the content, such as the subject line or body of the email.

A short, clear, simple message will keep the boss focused on your content and avoid distracting from the content you want to get across.


Don’t be too detailed.

Do not go over details, such, “I love your blog, and would like to learn more about it,” or “We need to learn about the company’s business strategy and strategy goals.”

Do not elaborate on the topic or the content to your employer or any of your coworkers.

Keep in mind that a boss may respond to your letter with a specific request for more information.


Don’ t be afraid to be blunt.

Don”t let your boss know that you are a writer.

If he or she doesn”t know who you are, it is not too late to get him or her to see you.

The letter should be succinct and clear.


Do the research.

Research shows that you should be able to provide your employer with relevant and complete information.

The content should not be the focus of the letter, and it should not contain extraneous information or jargon.

Be specific and direct about your research goals and why your employer might want to know more.


Keep your thoughts clear.

Do your research before sending the letter.

Make sure you explain how you came up with your ideas, what you learned from your research, and what the results of your research mean for your organization.


Use your best judgment.

A great way to keep your ideas from getting in the way of the employer”s business goals is to give them the benefit of the doubt.

This means that you can use your best instincts to determine whether or not your ideas are sound and how they might be implemented.


Don t expect your boss to give a full response.

If the boss thinks your ideas were good, he or her will probably not want to be influenced by your ideas.

A good way to respond is to say that you would be happy to share them with your boss if he or the boss would like it, and to mention that you could share them in a future meeting.


Make the boss think about you.

Asking a boss for your opinion is a great way of giving the boss something to think about.

You might be able just to get his attention with a simple question or a brief remark.

Ask the boss to think a little more about the idea and your company, or to offer his or her opinion.


Use a different format.

The same format should be used when you send your boss a letter to the contrary.

You can send your letter in the traditional letter format, which can be used to send an email message, text message, or a fax.

Use the same format when sending an attachment or using a photo to send it.

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