How to Find Your Best Writing Contest Entry (Including Writing Essays)

Sep 17, 2021 Message

I was a contestant on the “Best Writing Contest” and had to write an essay on the topic of what it’s like to work in a chicken scratch writing contest.

And it was an amazing essay.

I had a lot of fun writing about the challenges of writing an essay in a scratch writing competition, as well as the challenges that come with writing about chicken scratch. 

The goal of the essay was to find out how to get your foot in the door, and if you’ve ever had to apply to be a scratch writer, how to apply for scratch writing contests. 

I think that the goal of writing essays is to get you in the right mindset.

And to do that, you need to know how to write a good essay.

So what you need is some insight into what it takes to write, how it’s done, and what’s the most important thing to get out of the scratch writing writing contest? 

Here are the steps to writing an awesome scratch writing essay that you can take to get in the “right mindset” to get published and get your work published.1.

Make a List of the Things You Want to Write About (I use a word processor)When you’re in the scratch contest, you have a list of what you want to write about.

You can make a list for yourself at home, or you can create a list on your phone or computer. 

Some scratch writers will create a template that has all the words on a page on the page, and then fill in the gaps with your own words.

Others will create one page on a whiteboard, and fill in whatever gaps they want.

The list should look something like this:1.

What’s the story? 

What’s the central point? 

Why is this important to me? 


What is the theme? 

How is it about me?3.

What are the things that I’ve read or heard about this topic? 


What do I hope to accomplish? 


How will it make me feel? 


How does it relate to me and my experience? 


What will it do for me in my life?8.

Why do I want to participate?9.

How can I help?10.

How do I make sure that it works for me?11.

What should I include in the manuscript?12.

How many pages should I put in?13.

What kind of editing should I do?14.

How long should I write?15.

How to choose the right editor and how much will it cost?16.

How much time should I invest in editing?17.

How important is the subject matter?18.

How relevant is the writing style?19.

What type of editing will it be?20.

What kinds of questions should be asked?21.

How far down should the writing be?22.

What words will I write that will not offend others?23.

How should I choose to include a disclaimer?24.

How and where to put your work in the book?25.

How close should I be to the deadline?26.

How did you decide to start?27.

What advice would you give me?28.

How could I improve my writing skills?29.

What does it mean to be “in the field”?30.

What can I expect from this project? 


What was the most rewarding part of this project so far?32.

What would you tell others?33.

What did I learn?34.

What challenges would you have faced if you weren’t a scratch author?35.

What ideas would you come up with? 


What lessons would you add to your writing?37.

What could I do differently?38.

What made this project different? 


How would I prepare for this project in the future? 


What questions do you have about this project that you’d like to share? 


What topics do you need help with?22: A checklist of the things you need in order to get into the “field”1. 

What do you want in your life?2. 

How will you be able to live fulfilling and fulfilled lives?3,4. 

What is your dream and why is it important to you?5. 

Where will you find your passion?6. 

When will you have the chance to pursue your passions?7. 

Do you believe that this life is for you?8,9,10. 

 How will you contribute to society?11,12. 

When will you get the chance?13,14,15,16. 

Who will you serve?17,18. 

How many people will you help?19,20,21. 

Which people will support you?22,23. 

Are you sure you want this? 


Is this a job you’d want to do?

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