Why do Egyptians write with their feet?

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The writing desk in Cairo, Egypt, looks like a medieval desk.

But this is no ordinary desk.

It is made of glass, and the two-piece design is used to make writing more portable.

The Egyptian Writing Desk was designed by architect Fadel Sabet.

(CBC)Sabet, who has designed other desk designs in the past, says the desk has two different kinds of materials: a glass substrate that makes the writing surface feel like a real desk, and glass that creates a tactile feel to the writing.

“It is like you feel the writing,” Sabet told CBC News.

“It feels like you’re sitting down on a real surface.”

Sabet says he created the desk for two reasons: to protect himself from the elements and to save time by keeping his hands off the desk.

He said he used the glass for his desk because it is lighter than concrete and cheaper than concrete.

Sabet said the writing desk uses two different types of materials to make it feel like it is a real office.

(Darren Calabrese/CBC)”I have two types of glass: a concrete substrate and a glass material,” he said.

“The concrete is made by the sand which is very expensive and hard to obtain in Egypt.”

Satel said he bought a cheap concrete desk from an Egyptian businessman in 2010 for $4,000.

He says the man had it installed in his home to keep the glass surface clean and to protect it from the sun.

The glass is the substrate, Sabet said, and it is used for two main reasons: keeping the writing smooth and the feel of writing.

He told CBC he wanted the writing to be easy to write on, so he took some time to learn to write with his hands.

“I wanted to make a real writing desk,” he explained.

“I wanted it to feel like real paper, which I think is important.”

Satt said his desk will last for years, and he hopes the design will be used by people across the world.

“You can’t buy a real piece of paper for less than $1,500.

That’s not true,” he added.

Satt’s plan to design the desk in the future may include other materials like wood or leather, but he says he will only use concrete in the design.

“This is a desk that will last.

It will last years,” he told CBC.

Satel also plans to donate the desk to the Egyptian Embassy in Canada.

Souad al-Bassam, an associate professor at the University of Calgary, said he hopes Sabet’s design will inspire people to be more active.

“We are seeing a rise in physical activity.

We are seeing it in the workplace.

But we need to be mindful that this desk is very functional,” he noted.

Saret al-Sabet with the glass desk he designed for his office.

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