Teacher helps students write questions for writing prompts

Sep 1, 2021 Stories

The teacher in the classroom of an elementary school in Kansas City, Missouri, has been sharing the latest writing prompts with students, and the results are inspiring.

In addition to inspiring the students, she’s inspiring parents.

“I’m a teacher who has taught writing prompts in the past and I have a lot of people that have a passion for writing, and that passion can lead to a lot more than just a short writing prompt,” she said. 

The prompts, called The Story Maker, are meant to encourage the student to tell their own stories, or to encourage them to write their own story.

One of the prompts, which is written in a simple but creative language, encourages students to write about their own experiences.

“If you’re trying to tell your story, or if you’re just trying to get a feeling for what it’s like to be a person, and you’re a person who wants to have that experience,” said the teacher, who requested to remain anonymous for fear of retribution.

“That’s a really great way to teach writing, because it’s very personal.”

One of the most recent prompts that the teacher shared was a story about her daughter.

The Story Maker prompts were created by the teacher after she was asked to write a short story for a class project.

Students in the class are encouraged to create their own prompts, and then write them.

After the students finished the story, the teacher created a list of prompts that they could submit to be submitted to the class.

She shared the list with students and asked for their suggestions.

“They are really excited about this and are so excited about it,” the teacher said.

The next prompt is written entirely in their own words, and they’ve already been writing it for several weeks.

The teacher said that she thinks the prompt inspired the students to become more confident in their writing abilities.

“I really like that this teacher has written a prompt that is just written for them, but not just written,” said her daughter, who was writing the prompt in her own voice.

“The prompt is about how you think, and how you’re feeling, and it’s not just just a quick story that they can fill out and send in.”

In a Facebook post, the mother of a student who was also a teacher said she felt a little like a mother at her own writing prompt.

“There is a power in having a teacher, a mentor that is willing to share your passion for something, and to listen to it, and give you some guidance,” she wrote.

“And, yes, it’s also great to have the opportunity to share in something that you think of as yours, but that is really yours, too.”

As a parent, it can be tempting to feel overwhelmed with all the work that goes into writing prompts.

But the stories of other parents are inspiring and help teach the kids to be more confident.

“A lot of times, parents are concerned that their kids are just not ready to write,” said Amy Wierzbicki, a writer and teacher at Loyola University Maryland.

“But that’s really not true.

I think the kids who are writing their own prompt are writing it because they feel really confident about writing and confident about expressing themselves.

I have found that this is a powerful way to show kids that writing is a natural part of learning.”

The teacher in question said that the prompt helped the students in the school to develop confidence in their creative skills, and she said that they have written their own work for several students who have been in the writing prompts class.

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