How to write your resume for hire?

Jun 21, 2021 Stories

I’m a freelancer writing a resume for a company that wants to hire me.

I can write for a small business or small employer, and I want to be sure they have enough to hire.

So, I’ve started a company called Freelance Writing.

I have the following resume writing tips for freelancers:•Make sure your resume is professional, relevant, and accurate.•Ask questions, not just write them down.•Focus on writing in one language (English, French, or German).•Read and pay attention to your job descriptions.•Choose the right company to work for.

If you’re looking to hire a writer for a full-time job, I recommend starting with the job description and getting familiar with the company.

The company may offer you a better deal if you hire a freelancers’ agent.

I recommend hiring a recruiter or HR manager to work with you.

Your resume should tell your story.

If you don’t have the time to do that, ask your friends for help.

If someone tells you your resume isn’t good enough, ask them to review it.

Some people will give you a positive review and you’ll be amazed at how they wrote their own resume.

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