When it comes to the best and worst writers, here are the top 5 writers with the best writing skills

Aug 19, 2021 Works

In the United States, the best writers are more likely to be male, younger, and with more than a college education, according to a study.

And they are more often white, male and in their 20s.

But as the authors of the study, who were also members of The New Yorker’s Writing Fellows Program, point out, the authors’ gender bias makes the study a useful tool for identifying talent.

The researchers looked at data from more than 2,000 writers in the U.S. and found that only 4.4% were female.

That was below the national average of 7.9%.

And the best female writers were less likely to have college degrees than the worst female writers.

Only 1.9% of the top 10% of writers were women.

Only 0.9 percent of the best-selling writers were female and only 0.6 percent were women of color.

But the authors found that when writers were compared against each other, women writers tended to outshine men.

And in their study, the researchers also looked at writing skills, specifically how well the writers could “create and articulate emotional depth and resonance” and “present their own experiences and thoughts in a compelling and engaging way.”

Women writers tended more often to use writing as a way to express their feelings than their male counterparts.

They were more likely than their peers to use the technique of “spacing and interjecting,” which is used by men.

That technique is not new.

The New York Times Magazine wrote about this technique in its “10 Rules of Writing,” which were written to help writers avoid the “over-reliance on words as tools for expressing feelings.”

The authors of The Writing Fellers Program say the data suggests that it’s possible to have a strong voice without being the most emotionally powerful writer.

The authors also say that if you want to be a strong writer, you need to be able to “make it work.”

So, in their opinion, it’s important to be careful about the gender bias in writing.

But, they add, “it doesn’t mean that you have to give up your ability to create and express emotion.” 

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